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Laser Dentistry

We use the Gemini Laser for surgical procedures to minimize bleeding and maximize recovery.

Invisalign Teen & Adults

Invisalign is an alternative to traditional metal braces.

Preventative Care

We believe in early intervention to minimize the depth and invasiveness of future dental problems.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer a variety of cosmetic services comprising of, but not limited to..


We meet the highest standard of care. All fillings are done using the safest...

Comprehensive Orthodontics

Comprehensive orthodontics is the treatment of incorrectly positioned teeth including all stages of treatment.

Interceptive Orthodontics

Interceptive Orthodontics is an early treatment plan that works towards...


We offer a combination of a topical numbing gel, nitrous gas and local anesthesia...

Teeth Whitening

We offer effective and cost affective teeth whitening programs ranging...

Breathing & Sleep Apnea

We diagnose breathing and sleep apnea in patients caused by malformed naso-oral...

Tongue Tie/Lip Tie

Dr. Sethi preforms tongue tie and lip tie laser surgery to release an ankylosed...


A crown is a cap used to encase the visible portion of a tooth or implant to...


There are multiple types of bridges. In each variation an artificial tooth...


Dentures are custom made artificial teeth that are attached to a plastic...

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Meet Our Doctors!


Dr. Sangeeta Sethi, DDS

Pediatric Dentistry Specialist

Dr. Sethi has a unique perspective within dentistry. She emphasizes prevention, early intervention and guiding natural development in her patients as they mature so they are able to reach their healthiest potential. She strives to find the root of dental issues that affect breathing, sleep, speech and as a result, the quality of life of each patient.


Dr. R.D. Sethi

General Dentistry

Dr. Sethi has been practicing dentistry for over 40 years. Throughout his career he has mastered many fields within dentistry including oral surgery and prosthodontics. He specializes in crown, bridge and dentures.

see what patients are saying?

Dr Sethi is a great dentist. I recently got a franectomy done by her and she was very thorough in the process. She made sure to explain the reasons as to why I would want to get the surgery done and what the benefits would be. During surgery she made sure I felt no pain or discomfort and spoke to me about the steps I needed to take to make sure the healing process was easy.

Yezica B. (Yelp)

My son has been having trouble sleeping and no one could figure out why. The doctor gave a sleep aid to help with sleep but it did not help. After seeing Dr. Sethi, she found out he is tongue tied and preformed a frenectomy. I am so happy to say he is sleeping through the night for the first time. He is a new person. He is doing so much better socially and in school all thanks to Dr. Sethi.

Rosario A. (Yelp)

I just moved into the neighborhood. As I was searching for a dental practice, this is the best one I found --- after going to a few in the area!
It is friendly, knowledgeable, and the staff really knew how to customize my treatment plan for me and my budget. Great results - I highly recommend it.

Juliana M.(Yelp)

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